Amberlynn Car Accident Texas Settlement: What We Know

Amberlynn Car Accident Texas Settlement

November 28, 2018, saw the filing of a lawsuit. Sandra Dipretore was the attorney for Z.P., amberlynn car accident texas settlement a juvenile, and the deceased Amberlyn Parmer against FCA US LLC and others.No. The lawsuit concerns an accident that happened on November 19, 2018, close to Mt. Pleasant, Texas. Minor Amberlyn Parmer died in the collision. The case investigates the liability and damages pertaining to the personal injury settlement, texas auto accident lawsuit, and amberlynn reid car accident.

amberlynn car accident texas settlement

Key Takeaways

  • A fatal car accident occurred on November 19, 2018, resulting in the death of Amberlyn Parmer, a minor.
  • A lawsuit was filed on November 28, 2018, seeking to determine liability and damages related to the accident.
  • The lawsuit involves plaintiffs Sandra Dipretore and defendants FCA US LLC, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles N.V., Katelyn Sillavan, Ozark Motor Lines, Inc., and Valerie Williams.
  • The lawsuit aims to explore the events leading up to the accident, including Katelyn Sillavan’s cell phone activity and history of incidents.
  • The outcome of the lawsuit will have a significant impact on the families and loved ones affected by the tragic accident.

Background on the Amberlynn Car Accident Case

Katelyn Sillavan worked for Ozark Motor Lines, operating a large truck on November 19, 2018. amberlynn car accident texas settlement Her route was IH-30 east, almost to Mt. Pleasant, Texas.I She had pulled over on the side of the road before dawn. Over an hour passed while she was there.I Why she park for so long is unclear. Her parked vehicle and the automobile carrying Robert and Amberlyn Parmer tragically collided.

Details of the Fatal November 2018 Car Accident

Sandra Dipretore is suing on behalf of juvenile Z.P. and deceased Amberlyn Parmer. amberlynn car accident texas settlement She is requesting an inquiry into the damages and the party to blame. Among the defendants listed are the truck driver, the truck business, the vehicle companies, and another individual who was in the collision. The lawsuit attempts to ascertain who is at fault and what has to be done in light of the fatalities.

Parties Involved in the Lawsuit

Sandra Dipretore is the plaintiff in the action; Amberlyn Parmer and Z.P. are named in her claim. The defendants are FCA US LLC, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles N.V., Katelyn Sillavan, Ozark Motor Lines, Inc., and Valerie Williams.. They are investigating who is to be held accountable and what should follow the mishap.

amberlynn car accident texas settlement

A lawsuit was brought in November 2018 after the deaths of Robert and Amberlyn Parmer in an automobile accident.1 Finding the responsible party and the appropriate damages to be paid are the goals of the lawsuit. The Parmer family wants to have their loss and the damage that followed covered by a settlement.

The accident was addressed in the Tarrant County District Court on November 28, 2018. amberlynn car accident texas settlement One Katelyn Sillavan, an employee of Ozark Motor Lines, has wrecked in the past. Trooper McBride verified there was no caution sign behind the Ozark truck.1.

The court sought an expert opinion on electronic equipment used between 24 and 72 hours prior to the collision.No. The plaintiffs requested further statistics. But the defendants refused to allow material to be seen outside of this timeframe. After reviewing the phone, the Parmer family also requested that Katelyn Sillavan’s data be kept.

Katelyn Sillavan was on probation for reckless conduct before the crash.No. Key information about her activities may be found by looking through her phone records before to the disaster. There is disagreement, however, about how to utilize the information on her phone.One

Legal Proceedings and Court Documents

The court ordered everyone to display their gadgets on July 11. Before specialists examine the technological devices in the litigation, they require this. amberlynn car accident texas settlement Information from the day before the accident to the day after is the only one that is permitted. If it helps explain what the phone was doing throughout the 96 hours, the plaintiffs want to see data beyond the allotted period. This additional request was disliked by the opposite side.

Plaintiff’s Reply to Defendant’s Response

The plaintiffs provided testimonials and supporting documentation from many sources. Trooper McBride, who investigated the Ozark truck after the collision, was one of them. McBride said there were no caution placards close to the vehicle. He was unsure of why Katelyn Sillavan had parked incorrectly for so long, but he assumed she had paused to relax.

Evidence and Testimony Presented

According to the plaintiff’s paperwork, more phone records may be seen if they clarify a 96-hour period. amberlynn car accident texas settlement This notion was not liked by the other side.

The plaintiffs used material and communications from many sources in their case. One was the commercial vehicle officer Trooper McBride. Soon after the collision, he examined the Ozark truck. McBride said there were no warning signs behind the vehicle. Though he didn’t understand why Katelyn would park illegally for so long, he assumed she was taking a break.

legal proceedings

Preservation of Katelyn Sillavan’s Cell Phone Data

Key, according to the plaintiffs, are Katelyn Sillavan’s mobile phone records. amberlynn car accident texas settlement They want to see what she was up to before the collision. Maybe her records will explain why she parked on the freeway for so long. According to the plaintiffs, the case may greatly benefit from this information. They anticipate looking into Sillavan’s mobile phone records more when they discover fresh information.

Relevance of Cell Phone Records

The plaintiffs have requested the court to protect Katelyn Sillavan’s phone and all of its contents. They want to investigate everything thoroughly. This might clarify events before to the terrible disaster.

Request for Preservation Order

The plaintiffs have requested the court to retain all of Katelyn Sillavan’s phone records. amberlynn car accident texas settlement They claim it’s important to the case. This could clarify the events just before the terrible disaster.

Plaintiff’s Arguments and Claims

Dangerous Behavior by Katelyn Sillavan

Prior to the automobile accident, Katelyn Sillavan was involved in four other events. amberlynn car accident texas settlement About six weeks before to the tragedy that claimed Robert and Amberlyn Parmer’s lives, she received a month-long probation. The Ozark file reveals that she was acting recklessly not long before the tragedy.

Potential Crucial Evidence from Cell Phone

Understanding the applications Katelyn Sillavan had on her phone before to the accident is essential, particularly given she was meant to be asleep. This particular fact could help to explain why the interstate police pulled her over.No. As they compile additional proof, the plaintiffs want to investigate her phone records in greater detail.

Defendant’s Response and Expert Testimony

In the Amberlynn automobile accident lawsuit, the defendants hired an expert. amberlynn car accident texas settlement He wrote a rebuttal to the plaintiffs’ expert. It was important, the plaintiffs’ expert said, to examine Katelyn Sillavan’s cell data beyond a certain time range. According to the defendant’s expert, this wasn’t necessary. The opinions of specialists on the examination of mobile phone data are obviously divergent.

Defendant's Response and Expert Testimony

Should further information be required to better comprehend the accident, the plaintiffs offered a method to get it. This was more than the court had directed examination of. The defendants, nevertheless, objected to this idea. This argument sparked discussion about the need of data analysis.

The court will have to determine what’s fair in reviewing Sillavan’s mobile phone data after taking into account the views of both experts. The plaintiff’s ability to get critical proof on Sillavan’s conduct and the specifics of the accident may be significantly impacted by the outcome of this case.One


Potential Settlement Negotiations

The plaintiffs filed a lawsuit over a fatal automobile accident to determine who is responsible and for what damages. amberlynn car accident texas settlement Possibly now they will discuss settling. If you are more than half to blame for an accident, you are not entitled to compensation under Texas law. In Texas, if the injury claim is modest, budget around $45,596.But the figures are somewhat erratic.

Mild injuries might pay up to $8,224. Payouts for more severe damage may reach $2,284,418, or more. Rear-end hits pay out anything from $2,226 to more than $10 million. Settlements may vary between $2,500 and $23,500,000 for a side collision. And victims of front-end collisions might get anywhere from $6,937 to $3 million.


The typical payout in a Texas vehicle accident for minor injuries is about $20,000. Still, a lot may happen to the ultimate sum. All depends on how serious the damage is and how long the injured person lives. Important considerations include things like medical expenses, time lost from job, and degree of suffering. Additionally, if you bear any of the accident’s fault, your payout can be reduced.Four Insurance companies prefer to settle for little money and fast most of the time.

This is the time when folks are unaware of the whole expense of their losses or injuries. Handling these injury lawsuits might take weeks or even a year. The length of your medical care and the way both parties manage things determine it.

In Texas, vehicle accident injuries are often able to be claimed two years after the collision. You cannot, however, later on request further money after accepting a settlement.I This demonstrates the need of having a lawyer present during discussions. They may see to it that the victims’ and their families get all possible support.

Impact on Families and Loved Ones

Robert and Amberlyn Parmer were tragically killed in an automobile accident, which rocked their friends and family to their foundation. amberlynn car accident texas settlement Think of how almost every minute in Texas, an automobile accident occurs. Annually, it causes 4,500 fatalities and 240,000 injuries.2 This tragic event has left a lasting impression on their loved ones.

Aiming for justice, the Parmer family brought a lawsuit. They want to have the ones who are accountable pay for the suffering they have brought about. A settlement may allay some financial concerns, but nothing will really mend the grief of losing a loved one. It could assist with the emotional cost they’re bearing, missed income, and medical expenses.

Texas vehicle accident compensation may range substantially. For mild injuries, they may be as little as $8,224; for serious injuries, they can be more than $2 million. The injuries sustained will determine how the Parmers turn out. They lost something important, money or not. Their avenue to a just verdict and a beginning of recovery is the lawsuit.

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There is a litigation in Texas over the Amberlynn automobile accident. The impacted parties are attempting to establish who was at responsibility and to get a fair compensation from those responsible. There are important mobile phone statistics and in-depth legal issues to think about.Three, four. amberlynn car accident texas settlement The relatives of the victims would suffer greatly depending on the outcome of the lawsuit.

The plaintiffs are bolstering their arguments with anecdotes and evidence. Retaining Katelyn Sillavan’s phone information is now crucial. The plaintiffs believe it may clarify events leading up to the collision. But the defendants disagree with the plaintiffs’ experts. That demonstrates how difficult this case is.

This Amberlynn story is a major reminder of the need of driving carefully. Thousands of people are injured or killed annually in Texas accidents. It emphasises the significance of having enough insurance and driving carefully. Talks about road safety and obtaining justice for the accident victims will continue as this case develops.


What is the Amberlynn car accident case in Texas about?

The Amberlynn car accident lawsuit concerns an incident that occurred close to Mt. Pleasant, Texas, on November 19, 2018. This accident killed Amberlyn Parmer, amberlynn car accident texas settlement a little child. November 2018 saw the filing of a lawsuit. Sandra Dipretore filed it against many people for Amberlyn’s death. Finding out who caused the crash and what damages should be paid are the goals of this lawsuit.

What are the key details of the November 2018 car accident?

Before dawn on November 19, 2018, a truck driver by the name of Katelyn Sillavan parked her tractor-trailer on IH-30 close to Mt. Pleasant, amberlynn car accident texas settlement Texas. This large truck remained parked on the shoulder for over an hour until a car driven by Robert and Amberlyn Parmer struck the parked truck, tragically killing both of them.

Who are the parties involved in the lawsuit?

Suit was brought by Sandra Dipretore. In the action, she is standing in for her late daughter and grandchild. amberlynn car accident texas settlement The defendants in the action are FCA US LLC, Katelyn Sillavan, Ozark Motor Lines, Inc., and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles N.V.

What is the focus of the legal proceedings and court documents?

The accident’s proof is the main topic of the legal processes. amberlynn car accident texas settlement Looking through Katelyn Sillavan’s phone records and gathering other information are part of it. Sillavan’s phone records are deemed crucial by the plaintiffs. They think these documents could clarify how the disaster occurred.

What are the plaintiffs’ arguments and claims in the case?

The plaintiffs believe it might be crucial to know about Sillavan’s background and any problems he may have at job. amberlynn car accident texas settlement They contend that it is critical to have looked at Sillavan’s phone just before the accident. They think the data will reveal the actual cause of the disaster.

How have the defendants responded to the plaintiffs’ claims?

Answering the plaintiffs’ allegations, the defense offered an expert’s view. amberlynn car accident texas settlement It may be necessary, according to this expert, to examine data from a longer time frame. They are debating the precision of the phone data analysis technologies. This indicates a difference between the two sides.

What is the potential for settlement negotiations in the case?

A settlement may be possible between the parties while the lawsuit is still pending. The financial accountability and the compensation for the lives lost in the accident may be decided by this settlement.

How has the Amberlynn car accident impacted the families and loved ones involved?

Robert and Amberlyn Parmer’s deaths in an accident rocked their friends and family. amberlynn car accident texas settlement The purpose of the lawsuit is to make the guilty parties answerable. It also aims to support the family financially in light of this terrible loss.


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