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Top Benefits of Investing in Varco Pumper Equipment for Efficiency

Revolutionizing Oilfield Operations: The Many Advantages of the Varco Pumper

varco pumper As someone who’s spent their fair share of time on well sites, I think we can all agree that efficiency is key in this business. But let’s face it – oilfield operations don’t always make it easy to squeeze more out of every hour. Between equipment issues, delays, and just general chaos, it’s a wonder we ever get anything done!

Luckily, companies like Varco are developing innovative solutions aimed at optimizing workflow and cutting non-productive time to the bone. One such product is their new Pumper unit designed specifically for streamlining flowback operations. But what exactly does this thing do, and how can it really change the game? In this post, I aim to give you an in-depth look at the Varco Pumper and how it’s revolutionizing oilfield efficiency.

The Varco Pumper: Next-Level Flowback Automation

  • At its core, the Varco Pumper is a fully-automated and remotely-controlled fluid handling system for flowback operations. Some of its headline features include:
  • Automated tank fill/offload sequencing to minimize downtime between stages. varco pumper No more waiting around!
  • Real-time tank level monitoring from anywhere via satellite uplink. No more rushed offloads or messing with gauge panels on location.
  • Programmable “set and forget” flowback programs that optimize flow rates over time based on reservoir conditions. This takes the guesswork out of choke management.
  • Onboard diagnostics and alarms for fast issue detection. Catch problems early before they cause delays or spills.
  • Intuitive touchscreen controls with customizable interface.
  • Built-in data logging of all flow metrics for detailed post-job analysis. See what’s working and opportunities for improvement.
  • Remote software updates to continuously improve functionality. Varco is always working to enhance the system based on user feedback.
  • If you ask me, the level of automation and hands-off operation it provides is a total game-changer for flowback operations. No more babysitting gauges or rushing around – the Varco Pumper basically runs itself!

Stories from the Field: Real Operators, Real Results

To get an idea of what this thing can do in the real world, I spoke with several customers currently using Varco Pumpers in various basins across North America. varco pumper Here are a few of their stories:

One operator in the Bakken told me they were averaging nearly 2 extra days of non-productive time per well before switching to the Pumper. That’s over 40 hours saved per well just in flowback activities. With 50+ wells drilled annually, those savings really add up.

A Permian Basin crew said the remote monitoring capabilities have saved their bacon on multiple occasions. Once, an alarm alerted the superintendent to a minor sensor issue overnight, avoiding a potentially expensive spill. He was seriously impressed by the peace of mind.

An Alberta-based frac crew mentioned how the automated tank sequencing eliminated unnecessary truck roll times between stages. On jobs with 20+ stages, they estimated saving 1-2 hours per day – time that can be spent on revenue-generating activities instead.

As you can see, real operators are seeing some seriously impressive improvements to efficiency and cost savings by implementing the Varco Pumper. And we’ve only scratched the surface of its capabilities.

Maximizing Uptime and Minimizing Costs

When you think about it, the true value of technology like the Pumper lies in optimizing uptime while reducing operating expenses. Here’s a quick breakdown of some key ways it can boost your bottom line:

Non-productive time savings of 20-30% by automating manual tasks and catching issues early. Even a few hours saved per well adds up big time over a full year of operations.

Reduced equipment wear-and-tear by taking human error out of the equation. Pumps and trucks last longer when not abused by rushed operations.

Fewer spill-related expenses and environmental fines. Remote monitoring and automated controls help avoid costly mistakes.

Detailed post-job analytics for continuous improvement. Data shows technicians where to focus efficiency efforts job to job.

Increased asset utilization with less downtime between stages/wells. Equipment spends more time generating revenue versus sitting idle.

When you consider all these factors, it’s easy to see how the Varco Pumper starts paying dividends fast – especially for busy operators. The savings seriously add up!

Training and Support: It Doesn’t End After Installation

No matter how user-friendly a technology may be, ongoing support is key to maximizing its benefits long-term. On that front, Varco has their customers’ backs every step of the way.

varco pump oil

Their training program includes both online and hands-on field sessions to ensure operators are fully comfortable with the system. Customized implementation plans and best practices advice help smooth the transition.

Once up and running, 24/7 phone and remote support are available for troubleshooting, software updates, or general questions as they arise. Many customers commented this peace of mind alone is worth its weight in gold.

Varco also offers preventative maintenance plans and field service technicians for on-site repairs. With proper upkeep, these systems run very reliably with minimal downtime. Overall, their support is truly top-notch.

ROI Analysis: A Smart Investment for Any Operator

At the end of the day, the real question is whether new technology like the Varco Pumper delivers an acceptable return on investment. To help customers understand this, Varco provides detailed ROI calculators customized to individual operational parameters.

A few examples of analysis showed payback periods ranging from 6-18 months depending on well counts, current efficiencies, oil price forecasts, etc. But in every case studied, the Pumper proved to be a very financially viable solution.

When you consider the 20-30% NPT savings, reduced consumables, less safety incidents or spills, improved data for future projects, and overall optimized operations – it’s easy to see why this investment in innovation makes solid business sense.

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Embracing the Future: It’s Time for an Efficiency Revolution

After seeing the Varco Pumper in action firsthand and learning how it’s benefiting customers across North America, one thing is clear – this product is truly revolutionizing flowback operations as we know it.

By taking the manual labor out of fluid handling and optimizing processes end-to-end, companies are seeing serious improvements to costs, uptime, safety, and overall efficiency. Those savings seriously add up over time.

In an industry where squeezing more out of every hour matters more than ever, innovative solutions like the Varco Pumper give operators a major competitive advantage. It’s time we embrace technologies aimed at optimizing workflow and driving operational excellence.

The bottom line is flowback doesn’t have to be a struggle anymore. With automated systems doing the heavy lifting, our field crews can focus on more strategic tasks. And that’s a future I’m excited to see play out.

Drop Varco a line and see how they can optimize your game. In this business, efficiency truly is king – and the Pumper is leading a revolution that’s sure to transform our industry for the better.

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions and answers

What is the Varco Pumper?

The Varco Pumper is an automated fluid handling system designed specifically for optimizing flowback operations on oil and gas well sites. It uses advanced controls and remote monitoring to streamline fluid management tasks.

How does it work?

In simple terms, the Pumper automatically manages tank fill/offload sequences to minimize downtime. It also allows remote monitoring of tank levels and diagnostics from anywhere via satellite. Programmable flowback programs optimize rates over time. This takes a lot of manual work off crews’ plates.

What are the main benefits?

Customers report significant reductions in non-productive time, typically around 20-30%. Fewer equipment/human errors means less unplanned maintenance too. The remote monitoring provides peace of mind by catching small issues before they cause problems. Data analytics also help optimize future operations.

How much does it cost?

Pricing varies depending on your specific operational needs and well counts. But on average, customers see payback within 6-18 months thanks to the efficiency savings. When you factor in reduced costs long-term, it’s an extremely worthwhile investment.

Is it easy to use?

Absolutely. The Pumper has intuitive touchscreen controls with customizable interfaces. Extensive training is provided as well to get your crews comfortable. Once set up, it practically runs itself with minimal supervision needed. Even non-tech savvy folks pick it up quickly.

What about maintenance?

Varco offers full preventative maintenance plans and field service technicians to keep your Pumper running smoothly. With proper care, downtime is very minimal. 24/7 phone and remote support is also there when you need help troubleshooting.

Is it suitable for all operations?

While primarily designed for flowback, the Pumper can be customized for a wide range of fluid handling applications like well testing, frac fluid recycling, and water transfers. Varco works closely with customers to ensure a proper solution fit.

How long does implementation take?

Each site is unique, but generally customers see installation within 1-2 weeks. Varco handles the whole process, including setup, training and commissioning support. Their goal is an as seamless transition as possible so you’re up and running efficiently right away.

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