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Electro chemical grinding process

working principle of electro chemical grinding process

 Electro chemical Grinding ECG director of chemical grinding. this one of the machine process. that compiler to the principal of working conventional grinding and electrical conductivity. abrasive material grinding wheels for peace performed. electrochemical dissolution of the work is the result good missioning. work please process is come common used in precious machine. hard and the brittle materials to conveying to the reading. method of process Electro chemical-grinding process used. reaction to remove material from the workpieces in this process. principle of faradays law of electrolysis state  that material. it can dissolved from anode pieces electrolyte solution. conducted work piece tool made high conducted used to cathode current.
passing through the electrolyte solution removing from the workpieces. used in cathode electrolyte solution when the low voltage DC current. passed through the electrolyte solution it remove the work is electrochemical. isolation working principle of electro chemical grinding process.
After the grinding wheels remove material abrasive action. combination of electrochemical distribution of ratio solution. activity to fast material removing rate improved surface finishing. This is commonly used in hard and the brittle material achieving. high level accuracy and surface  quality this perfect size for electronics. medicine and aerospace industries.

Construction Electro chemical Grinding 

  • Grinding wheel:  grinding wheel made on abrasive material suggest diamond used in anode. electrochemical grain process wheel connected into power supply immersed electrolyte solution
  • Electrolyte:  electrolyte solution used to electrochemical dissolution the work material electrolyte solution. usually solution of salt acid depending on type of material machined Sodium nitrate. Sodium chloride Potassium nitrate are commonly used.
  • Power supply:  and external source power supply. required for providing low voltage and high voltage. and DC supply connected to grinding. wheel the work created potential difference between them workpieces.
  • Workpieces:  the workpieces connected to cathode in electrochemical grinding process. the electrolyte solution can positioned
  • close the grinding wheel distance between the grinding wheel to work to maintain. usage to special fixture to grinding the process
  Electrochemical grinding process
  • The workplace is founder in the special fixture in electrolyte solution
  • The grinding wheel positioned to the workplace low on the high voltage.
  • current used to DC current applied to grinding wheel on work piece
  • Material is removing from one-piece combined action of electrochemical. dissolution abrasive action of grinding wheel
  • The electrolyte solution dissolvent material the grinding will removed from remaining. material working principle of electro chemical grinding process.
  • The process continuous decided depth of material removing achieved.

 Working principle of Electro chemical grinding process

The electrochemical grinding process is machine in process the principle of electrochemical. machining convention grinding this used to conductivity grinding.
wheels the anode and connectivity of work connected to grinding wheel. the workplace immersed  an electrolyte solution.
low voltage DC current passing through the electrolyte solution.

Create the potential difference between grinding wheel and workplace. the current material removing from workplace by the process of electrochemical.
resolution they grinding wheels remove from the material. workplace you action grinding wheel combined to electrochemical.
dissolution fast material removing improper surface finishing quality
The electrochemical  grinding used to many range of industries.
this common used to hard and  Brittle material like composite ceramic and carbide.
the process of several advantage and disadvantage. one of the conveying reading process grinding force.
working principle of electro chemical grinding process. will can improved removing rate will can increased improved good surface finishing
What are the 3 factors for successful grinding?
  • Proper wheel selection: the selection of the grinding wheel granted. based on the material ground and finishing the correct will type and size bond with ensure. the wheel which stand of the stress of the grinding deserved finishing
  • Proper grinding parameter: the grinding parameter. such a speed depth of the must set correct to achieve. the successful grinding parameter
  • the material can ground type of the wheel. using reserved a finishing optimized parameter achieving best result
  • Proper coal application:  colonies used during grinding to prevent the workplace. the grinding will over heated can causes of damage both couldn’t help to generated. during grinding proper coal and application of grinding successful. based on material type of the wheel used finishing to must. applied on the correct amount of right pressure insure. that reach the grinding zone effective.
  • The grinding successful granted required the combination of right wheel selection proper grinding
  • parameter current will be application proper applied factor must optimize. each specific application disable
  • the finishing preventive damage of the works. the grading will be proper maintenance

What is the working principal of the surface grinding machine

The surface grinding machine used to create the smooth surface to removing.
the workpieces to grinding wheel removing material surface of workplace and smooth.
surface area the principle of surface grinding
  • The workpiece placed on table move back and front of the grinding wheel adjusting. the table for the different direction disability to grinding. pattern you will be more on front and back position common.
  • The grinding wheel mounted to spindle rotated high speed will can made abrasive. material type of the work ground deserve finishing
  • Grinding wheel is lower than the surface of the workplace. the table moment is print to workpieces in contact grinding wheel
  • The wheel rotate material removing surface of the work is to create the flat. smooth amount of the material removing depending on speed. death cut hardness of the workpieces coolant using during grinding process. who is the work is prevent overheating coolant also removing chip grinding area
  • One of the desired surface finishing grinding. wheels lifted the table is more remove from the work is the of the machine material

 What are the elements of grinding process

Element of the grinding process classified into categories workplace grinding. wheel grinding fluid and grinding machine
  • Workpiece:  the workpieces the material can made the various. type of material such as plastic composite
  • ceramic metal and more the work typing. Kelly hold the fixture the fixture will be more from the reciprocating motion
  • Grinding wheel:  the grinding wheel is cutting tool used remove material. from the workplace remove from the abrasive particle together with bonding. agent type of abrasive material used to grinding wheel. depending on material ground and surface finishing
  • Grinding fluid:  the grinding fluid is one of the cooling and is it is during grinding process.
  • The workplace will be preventive into the overheating it helps to improve. the generator during grinding process depending on material.
  • Ground type of the grinding wheel used in this process.
  • Grinding machine:  the grading machine used to grinding operation.
  • it can be manual or automatic machine it can classified into various. type of centerless surface grinding and cylindrical grinding.
  • They have a many type the grinding machine designed to hold the work piece.
  • the grinding wheel and a grinding flute. place of the movement is relative for performed grinding operation.
Application of electro chemical grinding process
The application of electrochemical graining processes common used in various type of industries
  • Aerospace:  this used in aerospace industries high precious and component.
  • nozzle and turbine any type of operation to using this electrochemical
  • graining process: this suitable for difficulties and conventional method of composite titanium and nickel-based. alloys type of material
  • Medical:  the electrochemical training processes used in manufacturer medical equipment. any type of equipment high precious and accuracy
  • Automotive:  the electric chemical trending processes commonly used in automotive industries. such as gears valves and fuel injector many types of equipment critical engine. part the process used in composite ceramic hard and steel many types of operation.
  • Electronics:  the electrochemical grinding process is commonly using manufacturing industries. electronic PCB pin connector and cable this is suitable for tight tolerance. manufacturing product
  • Energy industries:   the electrochemical grinding process commonly used in solar cell. manufacturing and a fuel cell manufacturing industries and many type of operation.
The process is several advantage and disadvantage have including tools.
wearing improved a good surface finishing.
reduced thermal damages of work is popular machining. method producing high quality component in range of the industries.
Advantage of Electro chemical grinding process
They have a Chevrolet advantage on this process electrochemical grinding process
  • Reduce tool wearing:  this type of operation rotating the cathode removing material. from the workplace they have a no physical damages physical. contact in grinding wheel and work is this is minimizing tools wearing. leading long last tool lifetime reduce cooling cost.
  •  improved surface finishing:  this type of operation Samudra surface finished. comparative conventional grinding process.
  • This type of electrochemical reaction during the processes help to removing. surface effect produced uniform surface finish
  • Reduce thermal damages:  this type of operation less heat compare.
  • The conventional grinding process risk. the thermal damages of the workpieces. particularly material and sensitive of heat ceramic and composite
  •  Environment friendly:  this type of electrochemical grinding process generated minimized waste. this not produced harmful emission. substance and ecofriendly machine method of compared conventional grinding process.

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Disadvantage of Electro chemical grinding process
  • High capital cost:  this type of operation this is more expensive maintenance comparison
  • conventional grinding process of the process is same manufacturer especially small companies
  • Limited material compatibility:  this type of operation. this is not suitable for some material.
  • this is special electrolyte tool achieving decided. result at cost complexity of the process
  • Limited material removing rate:  this type of operation material removing
  • it will be low convention machine process the process is slow and
  • less efficient removing amount of material not suitable for mass production
The electrochemical grinding process specialized machining process used to electric current to remove the material from the work grinding wheel and the rotate cathode electrolyte solution electric current passing through the work the material will can removed. from the workplace or all the working principle of electrochemical grading process the chemical reaction interface between the grinding wheel and the work removing material rate of this process. have a several advantage over conventional grading process reduce it tool bearing improve the good surface finishing. reduce thermal images improved process control and environment friendly this have disadvantage also  initial cost.  high  limited metal removing rate safety risk for the electrochemical gaining processes one of the particular. manufacturing process not suitable for all  grinding process.

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