Essential Features to Look for in a Blue Pneumatic Swivel Rivet Tool

What is a swivel head rivet gun?

The Arrow RHT300 Rotary Head Rivet Tool is a true professional rivet tool with a full 360-degree swivel head and extended nose design for fast and easy riveting in hard corners, angles and tight spaces. Pneumatic Rivet Gun Pneumatic Rivet Gun A pneumatic rivet gun uses compressed air to install blind rivets through two or more components and fasten them together. Blue Pneumatic Swivel Rivet Tool Pneumatic riveting tools are often found in transportation, aerospace, metal forming, construction, and other large-scale industries.

Types of Blue Pneumatic Swivel Rivet Tool

Pneumatic riveting tools have come into common use for manufacturing, construction and applications where speed, reliability and stability are important. Manual riveting tools are available for occasional use such as repairs or installations where certain fasteners are required. However, using a manual riveter for long periods of time is time-consuming and tiring.

There are also cordless riveters that do not require an external power source as they have their own battery pack. The real advantages of cordless riveters are their portability and ability to get into tight spaces or join hoses connected to pneumatic or hydraulic-powered tools. Blue Pneumatic Swivel Rivet Tool These types of devices are also useful for specialized applications, but their operating time on a single battery charge is limited.

Hydraulic and pneumatic riveters are considered to be very powerful and reliable tools with very long life. The advantages of these types of powered riveters are that they can drive fasteners fast – every few seconds – and they provide consistent power and stable installations for better quality control. Of course, the primary difference between hydraulic and pneumatic tools is the source of power.

They both work under pressure Hydraulic tools use fluid under pressure, which means they require a reservoir for the fluid, while pneumatic tools use air pressure. Air-powered riveters such as pneumatic lobster tools are often preferred for construction applications or situations where you need a handheld unit because they only require an air compressor.

Advantages of using a Blue Pneumatic Swivel Rivet Tool

Lobtex offers a wide range of mechanical and construction equipment, including a wide range of fasteners and industrial equipment. Bay Supply has two series of pneumatic lobster tools that are becoming popular because they are lightweight, powerful and reliable: the R1A series and the AR2000 series.

The R1A1 (Part BA-8846-LP) and R1A2 (Part BA-R1A2[A]US-LP) are both lightweight, long-stroke heavy-duty pneumatic riveters. These devices feature an oversized mandrel container, switchable left/right air intake for greater operator comfort and flexibility, and an onboard on/off vacuum switch to adjust air consumption. These can designed to reduce air consumption by up to 30 percent compared to traditional models, thereby reducing energy consumption.

The Lobster R1A1(A) Pneumatic Lobster Tool is 2.5 pounds lighter, and the balance around the grip makes it feel even lighter. Despite its light weight, it’s very powerful, delivering 2,248 foot-pounds of pressure, and features a 90-degree rotating air vent that makes it even more versatile and easy to use. Blue Pneumatic Swivel Rivet Tool It can accommodate 0.25 inch stroke and rivet sizes from 3/32 inch to 3/16 inch. R1A1 will specially designed for long rivets and high tensile strength rivets.

The Lobster R1A2(A) is a high-power, high-speed, long-stroke pneumatic riveter that accommodates 3/16- and 1/4-inch fasteners. It weighs less than four pounds, has a stroke of just over an inch and a pulling force of 4,167 foot-pounds.

The AR2000 Series Pneumatic Lobster Tools feature polymer resin casings and a shockless design and noise mufflers to reduce operator fatigue and injury from cumulative shock disorders (CTDs). They also feature a spring and air return combination to increase return speed by 30 percent for faster operation.

The AR2000 series consists of three units:

  • AR2000S (Part: BA-4529-LP) for small diameter blind rivets from 3/32 to 5/32 inches. It has a 0.5-inch stroke and 946 foot-pounds of pulling power and weighs 2.4 pounds.
  • It has a 0.63-inch stroke and 1,803 foot-pounds of torque and weighs 2.4 pounds.
  • AR2000H (Part: BA-4537-LP) for large diameter standard blind rivets from 3/32 to 1/4 inch. It has a 0.7-inch stroke and 2,749 foot-pounds of pulling power and weighs 3.5 pounds.

Blue Pneumatic Swivel Rivet Tool

Installation is easy

Riveters like pneumatic lobster tools are easy to use and very fast. As with all riveters, all you have to do is place the rivet into a pre-drilled hole and press the trigger. The rivet will driven home and you’re ready for the next one.

Most rivet installations consist of four steps:

  1. Install the riveting tool
  2. The rivet tool pulls the rivet pin, creating a bulge in the sleeve on the blind side while rotating the rivet on the installation side.
  3. Remove excess rivet pins for a smooth finish

Rivets are stronger than bolts or welds, and applying tools and pressure to the rivet ensures a secure, permanent joint. That’s why you need to choose a tool with the right amount of power for the rivets you’re using. Pneumatic tools give you more power and faster cycle times for larger jobs.

Air time

Pneumatic rivet guns (also known as pneumatic hammers) work on a simple concept: compressed air drives the rivet into place when the user presses the trigger. The process will incredibly quick – put the rivet on the end of the tool; Then put it in the pit and put it on fire. The rivet will driven into space, and the tail of the rivet can compressed to lock it in place.

Of course, air rivet guns need air to work. A hose connects the device to the air compressor, and the gun resets immediately after firing. Larger, industrial air rivet guns used in structural steel require two hands and a steady user, but smaller guns resemble (and ergonomically mimic) power drills that simply load, point and shoot.

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Advantages of Air Rivet Gun

Air rivet guns offer countless advantages over manual riveters and are preferable to cordless, battery-powered rivet guns depending on the application.

Lightweight construction: is already grammatically correct and clear. There are no spelling, grammar, or punctuation errors in the original text.: Modern handheld air rivet gun won’t hurt your hands; Even the heaviest specimens weigh no more than 12 pounds.

Ease of use: Pneumatic guns follow a simple process for adding rivets. It allows users to place multiple rivets in a short amount of time, like a manual riveting tool, without putting physical strain on their hands.

No need for a rechargeable power source: Unlike cordless rivet guns, you don’t have to worry about running out of charge or changing batteries.

Quality Riveting: The air rivet gun delivers precise connections with minimal effort every time. The margin of error is much less than that of a manual writer.

Disadvantages of air rivet gun

Pneumatic rivet guns are not perfect for every application, and the equipment has some disadvantages, including:

Limited range: Air rivet guns only go as far as their air hoses will take them, so in some inaccessible areas, you may need a manual or cordless riveter instead. For some types of remote work, compressor access is not an option.

Difficult Repair: Air rivet guns are not easy or cheap to repair. Generally, an experienced technician should can hired to perform any repairs on your device. Simple maintenance steps like oiling the tool and tightening fasteners go a long way in keeping your rivet gun in working condition.

Compressor: Making sure the compressor you use is at the correct pressure setting is essential to the proper operation of the rivet gun. Additionally, you need to maintain the compressor and oil the air duct.

General use

Air rivet guns are common in the aerospace and automotive industries, where assembly lines with product under construction and tight spaces require a fast, convenient, yet powerful riveting solution. They will mostly used in construction and metal fabrication. However, home workers can also benefit from the simplicity and efficiency of a pneumatic tool. Many practical household needs benefit from an air rivet gun, and with some projects, rivets add a nice aesthetic effect. Blue Pneumatic Swivel Rivet Tool All this can achieved without putting too much stress on your hands.

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