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Ultrasonic Machining process

What is the working principle of ultrasonic machining process

What is ultrasonic machining process

The ultrasonic machining process this one of the non traditional machining process. it can used to high frequency of vibration to remove the metal pieces from the work piece.  the process one of the popular tea high ability to complex geometric. without any casing What is the working principle of ultrasonic machining process. the work will be thermal damages of process while used in many type of industries.
Automatical semiconductor medical and  aerospace  technology. advancement  history of important  guide of the ultrasonic machining. What is the working principle of ultrasonic machining process. What is the working principle of ultrasonic machining process we have a advantage and disadvantage many applications canused this machining process. this black post we will provide proper unique content. about ultrasonic machining process  let’s started.

Definition of Ultrasonic Machining

The ultrasonic machining process one of the traditional machining process. cutting and abrasion  to remove the material used to combined of mechanical process.
chemical process or remove to the workplace high precious and thermal damages. work place ideal the machining complete the geometrical delicate material. 
where is type of ultrasonic machining process including. rotary machinery ultrasonic ultrasonic drilling ultrasonic grinding.
many type of operation What is the working principle of ultrasonic machining process.
such as ultrasonic building also if I was specific application to use the equipment.
what all the high efficiency and high effective machine process and traditional process.
also used in common many type of industries.

What are the two types of ultrasonic machining

They are the two main type of ultrasonic machining first one is (RUM) Rotary. ultrasonic machining and (UVM) Ultrasonic Vibration Machining.

The rotary ultrasonic machining process this one of the individual static workpiece.

The tool typical cylinder disc shape Coated the  abrasive points into the tool.
Rotate to generated high frequency Mechanical vibration to transfer.
What is the working principle of ultrasonic machining process
The workplace your particles to remove from the material from the works to combined.
The mechanical and chemical process in hard and breadth materials. like ceramics classes etc.
Ultrasonic vibration machine this is one of the process to vibrate.
The tool from the workstation this is type Kelly cylinder to coated rectangular.
Press typical as per the tool vibration high frequency the work is through.
The component both process like mechanical and chemical if USD in soft material.
like plastic and composite of many type of material. What is the working principle of ultrasonic machining process.
Both RUM and UVM are good high precision and accuracy ability to machine.
complex geometric types of ultrasonic machining process foe specific application. What is the working principle of ultrasonic machining process.


Working principle of ultrasonic machining process

The working principle of ultrasonic machining process USM phenomenon of cavitational.
high frequency Mechanical vibration to apply from the ticket. within 2 usm the vibration of generator to transformer the electrical..
energy into the mechanical vibration to amplified the focus. horn to the transfer into the energy tool
  • This type of material is thin undergraduate address you material such as diamond.
  • Miniature of hard and material vibration to against the work please.
  • particles to come out to then the contact of work please surface of combination.
  • Mechanical energy vibration remove of material from the work is through.
  • The combined in mechanical and chemical process.
  • The mechanical process of vibration fracture and Electrode.
  • The chemical process  involved formation of microscope.
  • The workpieces surface to combination of mechanical.
  • Remove from the material to work is surface collapse create to Shark wave.
  • remove material from the workplace in the combined of mechanical and chemical processing. allowed
  • The high precious machining complex geometric and delicate material. The depth of the material. removing from usm factors to included
  • amplitude the frequency of vibration. properties of abuse you particles to material properties of the workpieces.
  • It can performed in various mode reciprocating more and rotary mode.
  • Instruction into the head to  fixed position of the workpieces moved in reciprocating. mode to mode in the workplace fixed position.
  • what I told itself to fix the proper position to holding the device.

What all the working principle

 This used in common many type of industries like man factoring medical industries.
automatic industries the you said type of the material hard and materials. ceramic conductor semiconductor   brittle material  glasses and semiconductor.
Manufacturing geometric dedicate material. the process relative slow and non suitable for large.
volume of mass production machine. depth holds the equipment  can be expensive speciality.
training operator will can maintained the operator skill will be  mandatory
What all the working principle of usm if you can see machining.
vibration for peace to follow the high precious complex of geometric and materials
it’s valuable tool for various industries with the continue advisement. technology become a various application of industries

What are the main four elements of ultrasonic machining

The main 4 element of the ultrasonic machining process
  • Power supply about supply the required to generate high frequency electric energy. type of the 20 khz to  100 khz  this electrical energy converted into Mechanical. vibration this power sources help to converted
  • Transducer  this used to high frequency electric energy power. supply into the mechanical vibration stuck electric crystal and contract. electric voltage applied expanded contraction proper Mechanical vibration to amplified. the focusing to the horn
  • Horn  then Mechanical vibration generated by the transitive sir made of titanium.
  • aluminium and decided Mechanical vibration reduced to horn. transfer the Mechanical vibration tool this one of the common process
  • Tool this type of tool used in material diamond  material designer to vibration same frequency
  • efficient transfer to mechanical energy from the horn tools designed. the vibration of material as allowing efficient transfer of mechanical energy. horn to the workpiece the abrasive particles tool come into. the contact of workpieces causing. material of remove throught of material mechanical and chemical energy process.

What are the basics of ultrasonic waves

The ultrasonic wavelength of high frequency sound waves greater. than the 20,000 hertz  the range of human hearing. the wave generated time schedule which convert electric energy. into Mechanical vibration through. the medium of air and water the basic properties of ultrasonic. wavelength frequency distance between. the two construction point sample phase frequency number of volume. cycle unit of time amplifited maximum displacement to wavelength question to velocity. speed which is that I want to the medium size. ultrasonic wavelength of material depending. the properties used to material to crack detected material. different type of measure of thickness ultrasonic. we can also used defect material different type of ultrasonic wave. degrees ultrasonic waves various application. different field such as medicine imaging purpose testing flaws. frequency  industrial cleaning and process removing contamination machineries materials.


 Application of ultrasonic machining

Ultrasonic machining this is one of the non traditional machining process. it used in ultrasonic wavelength remove
the material from the office. its have a many several advantage and disadvantage used in many type of application.
  • Aerospace : the ultrasonic machining this commonly used in aerospace industries. high strength heat resistant material. titanium many type of material so paralyze also used in aerospace. component turbine blades engine testing many type of parts
  • Medical :  ultrasonic machining commonly used in medical industries. such as dental impact bones crew bone joining. replacement many type of operation is commonly medical tools. such as surgical blades also
  • Electronics :  ultrasonic machining commonly used in microelectronic. component such as semiconductor PCB boards manufacturing. fabricate process electronic devices laptop smartphone camera etc.
  • Automotive:  ultrasonic machine commonly used in automotive industries Indian black transportation brake. component fabricate and machining the vehicle component like critical engine part also
  • Jewellery:  making machine  this is you study in commonly jewels. making and jewels machining made up of operation in ultrasonic. field commonly used in traditional operation for in jewels making
  • Ceramic:   ultrasonic machine hard done with medicals are used in ceramic. glass many type of operation to allowing the shaping and drilling without any casing. crack fractures of material.

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Advantage of Ultrasonic machining
  • Ability to machine hard and Brrit material :  this process machine material ceramic. class many type of hard and material
  • it will cable to measuring traditional method shaping drilling many type of operation. without any damages cracks fractures
  • High accuracy and precision:  ultrasonic machining achieved high level. accuracy precious in machining making suitable for fabricate of component parts
  • No thermal damages:  this type of operation generated high heat during. the machining process reduce the rest thermal damages. work please is special important materials institute to high temperature
  • Reduce tool wearing:  this type of operation the vibration to release less like other. comparative tradition cutting operation also to change. maintenance also reduce cost and time also saved
  • Eco friendly;  ultrasonic machining this one of the eco friendly operation. this that does not required chemical are called and in this operation. this not impact the environment any pollutions wastage of materials. one of the environment friendly sources
  • Increasing protectivity:  the machining time is very less it will have the provide. the program time second to operation like many type of operation hardly
Disadvantage of Ultrasonic machining
  • Limited material  compactability:   the ultrasonic machining not suitable for all type of materials. this commonly used hard and brittle. material like ceramic glasses even though hot materials. this not suitable for soft material such as aluminium plastic
  • High initial cost:  ultrasonic machining equipment it can be expense you to make start. small business limited budget not suitable
  • Limited cutting depth :  ultrasonic machining not suitable for death. operation like drilling many type of operation. its only for limited operation in can be do it even though the machine increased time of the cost
  • Surface finish limitation:  ultrasonic machining. cannot surface missioning especially materials with geometric. this may be more polishing of finishing. operation can increase the machine cost time
  • Noise pollution:  the ultrasonic machine generated high frequency noise. uncomfortable to even have full operation on proper controlled
  • Maintenance and  repairing cost :  ultrasonic machining required regular maintenance cost

The ultrasonic machining this is one of the non traditional machining process. used to ultrasonic wave to material remove from the work is several. advantage or all the machining material. ability to machine hard and brick materials only I accuracy no thermal images.reduce tool wearing eco friendly increase reproductivity ultrasonic machining.

some limitation the material compatibility. high initial cost limited of depth operation  surface limitation repairing.

cost many type of data also ultrasonic machine.


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