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Working principle of Electron Beam Machining process

Working principle of Electron Beam Machining process

Electron Beam Machining process Electron beam Material removing rate will be high. Working principle of this process High energy electron like shape of the material. conducted this common used in many type of industries.. such as electronic medical and automotive we will provide. that definition of this electron beam machining including this working principle.  Types advantage and disadvantage application electron beam machining process. this one of the thermal energy transfer the electron beam. generated focusing on workpiece using the magnetic lens. high energy electrons The work piece. The molten metal removed from the workpiece high pressure gas pull down. the surrounding system and thermal damages Working principle of Electron Beam Machining process.


Types of electron beam machining process  

They have a three type of electron beam machining process And this here. conventional machining process


  • Conventional electron beam machining : The electron beam. range of diameter 0.1mm to 1mm The power ranges from the one kilowatt to 20 kilowatt. This is common used in large scale industries. application cutting, drilling, welding, and many type of operation.
  • Micro electron beam machining : This type of machining process much smaller. electron beam diameter type this ranges 0.1mm to 1mm. The power range of 10kw to 20kwv This type of machining one of the micromachining process. such as micro cutting micro milling and micro. drilling Working principle of Electron Beam Machining process.
  • Plasma Electron Beam machining process: this type of process used to do plasma used machining. workpiece further surface modification and recoating for the application

 Construction of electron beam machining process

The construction of electron beam machining process this complex used to several. critical component of this process the system has been working. together to create the high precious material to removing from the workpieces.


  • Electron gun : The electron gun used to Heart of the electron beam machining system. This type of beam energy electrons that type ranges from 30 kilowatt to 150 kilowatt. this focused on the workpiece the electron gun connected to the when. cylinder the voltage applied from the cathode. electronics accelerated towards the anode cylinder used to control. the electron beam Shape of the size
  • Magnetic lens: The magnetic lenses used to focus the electron beam on the workpiece. the lens connected to serial and they consider the create. the magnetic field focused to electron beam the inside essential achieving. high precious and accuracy electron beam machining process.
  • Work pieces holder :The workpiece holder used to hold the workpiece during. the machining time it will need to be until high temperature during. the process of the electron beam machining process environment.
  • Vacuum system: The electron Beam machining process environment prevented. the electron from the add molders reduce the efficiency the vacuum system. considered the vacuum chamber pressure gauge and the pumps. The vacuum chamber designated to hold the workpiece during. Electro gun vacuum pump create maintain vacuum. environment the pressure gauge used to track the vacuum level.

 Electron beam machining process

  • Gas jet : That gas jet used to material removed from the workpiece during. the machining process cool down the surrounding area damages. the gas used type made in helium nitrogen argon gases pressure ranges 10 bar to 30 bar
  • Control system : The control system responsible for regulating the various. parameter of the machining process in electron beam machining process. The electron beam current voltage magnetic field strength. the control system total monitored the vacuum level gas pressure. Working principle of Electron Beam Machining process.
  • Cooling system : The cooling system used to Prevent the damages of the system. generated a high temperature Cooling system essential. to maintain the system temperature it will protect the overheating.
  • That cooling system typie consist of water cooling heat. exchanger of this temperature sensor. Electron beam machining process this component work together to create. the high precious material to removing the material of workpiece. This common used in electronics automotive and medical industries.

Working principle of Electron beam machining process

Electron beam machining process This mainly focused in high energy. electron remove from the material workpieces This common. used in many type of industries. such as Electronics medical, automotive, and aerospace, industries

It can be ability to produce complex shape of material high accuracy.
The working principle of Electron beam machining process high energy electron beam. it can machined from the workpieces good. surface finishing it will transfer to kinetic.
energy too heat will be up and the material will can reduced withstand.
the material create and region of high temperature. As per the temperature the material evaporator to molten material from the workplace.
surface finishes good High pressure gas pull Material also served to cool down.
the surrounding prevent. the thermal damages the electron beam machining process can performed vacuum.
environment the vacuum environment also ensured that the electron. beam travel straight line of the maintain two into the focus

The high precision of the electron beam machining process

  • It will control the several parameter. including electron beam voltage current magnetic field and strength.
  • The current flow amount of emitted due to electron determine to amount of energy.
  • Transfer to the workpiece electron beam voltage determine.
  • The speed electron penetrated dipped into the workpiece.
  • The material remove rate of the workpiece electron beam machining process.
  • Such as drilling milling very high accuracy of material machining.
  • Complex shapes feature in material process.
  • The workpiece Machine used to conventional process.
  • The working principle of electrochemical machining process based on the interaction focus. 
  • The beam high energy electron workpiece material.
  • The process can achieved by the controlling several parameter.
  • Including Electro beam magnetic field voltage and current. the strength of the material used to complex.
  • Working principle of Electron Beam Machining process. shapes and features of high accuracy.
  • Developing of new material alloys high precision machining process.
 Application of electron beam machining process
Electron beam machining process this one of the convince you machine
process commonly used in many.  type of industries with the high accuracy and precision
  • Aerospace: electronic machining process commonly used in manufacturing critical. component of aircraft engines turbine blades
  • machining high temperature allies very difficulties material can can. worked on this process using convention machine process
  • Medical industries: this type of missioning also used as medical industries. ideal for machining high accuracy dental impact manufacturing. till many types of product machine
  • Automotive: this type of machine commonly used in automotive industries performance
  • engine turbo charges exhaust many. types of critical component also mentioned in this process. such as aluminum Alloys and titanium etc.,
  • Electronic: this type of machining used to electron device microelectrochemical system
  • ideal material high precious and accuracy of silicon and ceramic material. manufacturing in this process
  •  tool and die manufacturing:  this type of machining process commonly used in hard. material using to convention machining process
 Advantage of electron beam machining process
  • High precision : electronic machining process feature of high precision. few my grounds is not achievable using conventional
  •  machine process ideal for application high accuracy and precision
  • No tool wearing :  this type of machining process they have a no physical. contact with the tool and workplace. then do not have any tool wearing under replacement not required. maintenance for tool
  • No surface damage:  this type of machining process surface or deformation. problem with the conventional. machine process application that required smooth and the defect good surface finishing
  • Ability to machine hard material:  this type of missioning an able to machining
  • hot material and a brittle material. such as composite and ceramic minute of machine process. this machine used to conventional machine process application.. required by strength of the wearing resistance method
  •  Flexibility:  this type of operation commonly used in geometry. difficulty shapes and features ideal for application required flexibility
  • Environmental friendly:  this type of machine processes. the product is any wastage or harmful product. ideal application required for sustainable ecofriendly machine. process one of the conventional machine processes
 Electron be machining process it has several advantage
no told wearing no surface image environmental this type of machining. commonly used in minute of industries
 Disadvantage of electron machine process
electron beam machine process it has a several advantage and disadvantage also
  • Limited material thickness:  this type of machine process it have a limited
  • thickness material only machine into the material limited the most. thickness of the machining
  • High equipment cost:   this type of machinery the initial cost will be high. purchasing and maintenance cost also this is not suitable. false small and the medium affected
  • Limited surface machining area:  this type of method we have a limited surface missing. only electronics focused in small area which limited to largest size of the work is can be machinery
overall electron beam machining process this will have a several advantage and disadvantage. they will consider to suitable for specific. application like no tools wearing no surface day
image flexibility user friendly when. it has advantage and this several disadvantages also disadvantages. material thickness vacuum environment high equipment. limited surface of application limited flexibility valuable machine in process of certain

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