Double housing planer machine

Planer machine Working Principle

The principle of planar machining is the concept of relative tool-work motion. Reciprocating and slow, intermittent cross feed movement of the tool or work is provided by fast straight path cutting motion to the work or tool. All the work done in planning machines can be done in drafting machines. Double housing planer machine Long stroke length, large size and high rigidity enable planing machines to handle larger jobs and heavier work on their longer surfaces.

It produces flat and plane surfaces with a single-point cutting tool. Double housing planer machine A planer machine is bigger and more spacious as compared to a shaper machine. A planer can machine heavy workpieces, which a shaper surface cannot.

Definition of Planar Machine:

A planer machine is a machine in which unwanted material is cut from the workpiece to create a flat surface on the workpiece. Double housing planer machine Unlike the shaper machine, this machine can perform an operation by setting up more than one tool.

Double housing planer machine

  • This planer is high speed heavy duty machine.
  • It is used for large table beds, table wedges, dovetails and sliding machines.
  • It is used to machine the workpiece in horizontal and vertical directions



  1. Bed
  2. Schedule
  3. Column
  4. Cross Rail
  5. Tool head
  6. Bed

1.Bed Strong Box Heavy Duty Casting.

It is reinforced by cross ribs along upper “V” guide ways. Double housing planer machine

The schedule is set based on these guidelines.

It has a driving mechanism.

  1. Schedule

The table consists of a box type rectangular casting with T-slots on it.

It responds to guiding patterns in bed.

The work pieces are clamped to the table using T-bolts and clamps.

Point dogs are provided on the side to adjust the stroke length


  1. House or pillar

There are two columns on either side of the bed.

Both columns are connected by cross rails at the top.

Vertical guide ways are provided on column and cross rail slides

It is.

It has two side tool head slides

Feed mechanism and power transmission connections are housed within these columns.

  1. Cross rail

Cross rail is a horizontal hollow structure.

It slides vertically up and down the columns by raising the screw.

This tool organizes the feed.

The cross rail is clamped at any height.

  1. Tool head

The planer has a total of four tool heads.

Two in cross rail and other two in vertical column.

They can work independently.

When machining an inclined surface, the tool can be tilted as required

The angle of inclination of the spindle base.

Planner Specifications:

  1. Distance between two columns
  2. Dimensions of Table (L, B, D)
  3. Maximum stroke length of table
  4. Height of cross rail from top of table in its upper position.
  5. Net weight of machine
  6. Driver type
  7. Floor area
  8. Motor power

Driving and feeding mechanism:

The feeding mechanism of the tool head is either transverse or vertical by the power arm. Double housing planer machine The drive mechanism is located under the table and the motor drive is on one side of the planer. Double housing planer machine

The size of the planer can specified by the maximum length of the stroke and the largest rectangular shape that can machined.

Now let us study the operation of planar machine,

Working Principle of Planer Machine:

The work table can moved and the tool head of the machine can in a fixed position. The workpiece can fixed in the work table and Double housing planer machine

The single point cutting tool can attached to the tool head and now we start the machine, which means the power can  supplied to the machine and the work table moves forward.

Hence it cuts the material and can called cutting stroke. Double housing planer machine The work table moves downwards and the material can not cut, so it can called a return stroke. This process continues until the power supply can replaced.

Planer Machine Mechanism:

Mechanics and its mechanisms include the reciprocating movement of the work table and the conversion and transmission of the rotation of the motor into the transverse movement of the tools.

The reciprocating movement of the table providing cutting motion to the work can achieved by a rack-pinion mechanism. Double housing planer machine The rack can fixed to the table and the pinion can fixed to the output shaft of the speed gearbox.

The blocks hold the cutting tools moving horizontally on the rail through a screw-nut system, and the rail can  moved up and down by separating it from the screw-nut pair.

Alternatively a belt can used as a drive to rotate the table. Double housing planer machine A large contact curve in the large pulley can used to move the table.

High power and low speed can required during the cutting stroke and this can done by connecting the cross belt to a large diameter pulley.

Types of Planer Machine:

There are five different types of planer machines:

  • Double housing planer machine
  • Bit planer machine
  •  Open page engine
  • Edge planer machine and
  • Divided table planer machine

Double Housing Planer Machine:

Most workshops use dual home planer machines. Double housing planers have a long, heavy base with precision machine guides around which a table rotates. Double housing planer machine The length of the bed is twice the length of the table.

A housing can fitted with two vertical housings: one on each side and these can connected at the top by a cross member. Double housing planer machine It consists of a horizontal cross rail which has two tool head slides on the vertical faces of the machine housing.

For feeding operation, tool head can rotated by hand or power in transverse or vertical direction. The double housing planer is a high speed, heavy and rugged machine.

It has a high level of surface finish. The work can placed on a table, which reacts when the tool can placed in the frame of the machine. Double housing planer machine It can make deep cuts and use heavy feeds to complete the job in less time. The device is stable and functional. Heavy, strong and large equipment can used.

Speed is consistent throughout the cutting stroke and return. The twin house plan uses 150 horsepower and the twin houses occupy a large floor area.

Bit Planer Machine:

A bit planer consists of a large structure in which the table can placed in a cavity and remains stationary. The cross rail rotates on horizontal rails on either side of the table.

The planer table can level with the floor, so heavy workloads can loaded. It has two tool heads and can moved horizontally and vertically for feed. Double housing planer machine A driving screw can  used to drive the column with a motor.

Open Side Planer Machine:

A housing can attached or clamped to one side of the base where a cross rail runs on the table.

An open side planer machine has three tool heads mounted on the machine. Double housing planer machine A single housing can bear the entire load, so it must be stiff and strong enough to withstand the forces.

It can slide in a vertical direction along the guides of the housing that carry the tool heads.

Edge Planer Machine:

Edge planer can also known as plate planer and used in various applications and shipbuilding industries to bend and square the edges of steel plates used for pressure vessels.

The table holds the work in a fixed state. Workpieces can clamped with air operated clamps. The tool-head mounted on the carriage moves along two horizontal guides.

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Divided table planer machine

A split table planer machine consists of two tables on the bed, which rotate individually or jointly. This will save you idle time while you schedule tasks.

The split type planer is often suitable for mass production jobs where the machine must can machined evenly, Double housing planer machine mounted on one of the work tables, and the other part can retrieve the cutting tool to complete the process.

Finished work can done after stopping the table and the finished work can taken out by moving the table to the end. Heavy and large jobs can interconnected, so transfer movement can provided by the equipment.

Advantages of planer machine:

The planning engine has the following advantages:

  •  It is highly accurate,
  • Good surface finish,
  •  More than one tool can work on the workspace simultaneously
  • Requires less maintenance.
Disadvantages of planer machine:

Disadvantages of planning engine are:

  • High cost of machinery.
  • Power consumption is very high.
  •  Skilled workers required.
  • Instrument can  used only single point.

Planar Machine Applications:

  • A planer machine has the following applications:
  • Planer machine can used for flat surfaces in workplace.
  •  Cutting angled surfaces is one of the main applications. Intersections and pits.

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